Brive Diffusion is the manufacturer of STOPGASPI® custom manufactured energy saving cover blinds.

STOPGASPI® is a night cover blind curtain for all refrigerated display cabinets designed to save energy and maintain products at the right temperature.

It comes in three versions :

  • The manual cover blind with a case (MTRA)
  • The manual cover blind without a case (MT)
  • The electric cover blind

The STOPGASPI® cover blind is individually custom manufactured and simple to attach. 
See our tips for measuring dimensions and fitting.

1979 Design by Mr Patrick GRANET of the first STOPGASPI® night cover blind in Enghein les Bains

1980 First sales and registration of the STOPGASPI® trademark

1981 Patrick Granet company set up in the Perigord region

1983 Custom manufacturing of cover blinds in order to provide the best possible response to the needs of customers whether manufacturers of refrigerated display cabinets, refrigeration specialists, supermarkets or local shops

1996 The company changes status and  Brive Diffusion  SARL is set up in

2005 Change of management

Do you need a night cover blind for all your refrigerated display ?
Contact the  Brive Diffusion company and discover the quality of STOPGASPI® products.

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